Collection of Quotes

"This is roots rock at it’s finest, the perfect way to sum up what it’s all about"
- James Fenney, Belwood Music (Dec 10, 2016)

“It’s nice to see a young guy like Blais putting an uplifting tone on the musical intonations of blues. He solidifies his music with his own style of rock flare that makes this guy an auditory treat for fans of almost any genre.”

- martyrmagazine, Martyr Magazine (Oct 28, 2013)

“Indie Week Toronto celebrates 10th anniversary October 16-20, here are five bands you can't miss! - Start your night off right with a high energy, A+ alt blues rock performance from this super talented musician. (Who also happens to be a total cutie.)”
- Barbara Pavone, (Oct 15, 2013)

“Frontman Matt Blais knows how to work a crowd and he is far from afraid of showing off his talents. ... His suave and
seductive character seems to be a definite hit”
- Andrej Ivanov, The Scene Magazine (Oct 18, 2013)

“Matt Blais is making his mark as a professional musician on the rise in Canada and with passion, performance and hard work, you can be sure he’s heading in the right direction.”

"Listening to Calgarian Matt Blais' latest effort, "The Heartbeat". I'm reminded of The Gaslight Anthem. A bit of an
homage to Bruce Sprngsteen, like TGA, but with his own gravelly voice that's more Dylanesque, and a rockier backline that has significant blues overtones." – New Music Michael, New Music Michael (Sep 12, 2013)

“Blues rocker Matt Blais' Monarch Pub gig was intimate and something only a lucky few got to experience. It was also the only time during IW that he had the chance to perform his killer version of 'House of the Rising Sun'. Win”
- Barbara Pavone, (Oct 22, 2013)

“We want to conclude this review with a comparison of the music of Matt Blais with those of the American singer- songwriters Nils Lofgren and Jesse Malin , two men who also closely related to the work of Bruce Springsteen . We dare therefore suspect that this young Canadian will sign a similar musical career of the artists listed three immediately. His latest CD "The Heartbeat " this is already a big step in the right direction towards that final goal." - (Belgium)
- Valère Sampermans (Valsam), (Oct 01, 2013)

“Blais, born and raised in Calgary, has a unique sound that combines fiery rock and roll with smooth vintage soul—and a dash of blues for good measure.”
- Jordan Wasilka, Westman Journal (Oct 22, 2013) 

“Matt’s uncanny ability to combine different elements of music is sorely missed in the ever growing pool of musical artists, but presents listeners with a breath of fresh air for the better. In any case, Matt Blais is an artist to keep a watchful eye on because it’s music like his that breathes new life into an industry that needs revitalized with emotional content.” – Kyle Chambers, (2013-01-11)

“Over the past five years, Matt Blais has been generating a catalogue of material that is both emotive and relatable. His passionate live performances demonstrate eagerness to create heartfelt songs and nowhere is more evident than on his newest album, The Heartbeat, where a poetic personality fuses with growing life experience.” - Therese Schultz, Beatroute (2013-02-04)

“This rollicking rock record from Matt Blais puts his cornerstone husky voice at the forefront. Pushing with a bluesy-rock feel, The Heartbeat combines songs that speak of desperation with high adrenaline rock ballads that throw an unintentional kiss to Bon Jovi.”
- Kathryn Kyte, (Mar 05, 2013)

"Rock 'n roll singer/songwriter Matt Blais comes with more of a sprint than a jog on new single "Running". It is catchy and energetic, and Blais' raspy voice is a tad reminiscent of Matthew Good. This certainly whets the appetite for his new album, The Heartbeat, coming in February." - Kerry Doole, (2013-01-02)

“The best songwriters can find inspiration anywhere, from relationships to politics to pop culture. They think of the people and things which have influenced their lives and are thankful for all who have paved their way. What they don’t think of, though, is how much they will inspire those who follow. The very best songwriters are brilliant, artistic, and above all, inspiring. Matt Blais has all these qualities. His music, personality and creativity are enlightening, and with a new album coming out this February he is finding an important place in the Canadian music world.“ - Jenny Meister, Indie403 (2013-02)

“Let It Out” is lush with instrumentation and textures. This piece holds an excellent use of stereo sound, creating a refined sonic soundscape. And this soundscape surrounds a very rich and smooth voice: Matt Blais actually seems like an incredibly relaxed Rod Stewart to me. Its influence has caused me, a heterosexual man, to question my sexuality. Yes, it’s THAT airy and sexy of a voice!" - Daniel Cowart, Red on Black (2013-02-14)

“Very few things are as exciting as finding something new you love.”
- T-Mak, T Mak World (Oct 02, 2013)
“The boy has a confident presence on stage and certainly rejoices in the reality that to perform is to share a beautiful experience with your audience.” – Red On Black Music

“His high energy set was a definite crowd pleaser, and everyone was up out of their seats for the entire performance.” – YYC Music Calgary (2013-02-11)

“Crowds have shown him a great deal of love over the past several years, with Blais and band packing rooms across the Prairies and gaining notoriety by performing during Calgary’s Juno Fest shows in 2008 and winning local talent showcases such as the AMP Radio Rockstar competition.” – Mike Bell, Calgary Herald (2013-02-08)

“Although I am pointing out the obvious when I say Blais is a natural talent; he really does have a raw ruthless talent which he pours into his music and lyrics in “The Heartbeat.” It is poetic, weightless with truly emotional with endearing qualities that you don’t hear often anymore. When I got the chance to listen to “The Heartbeat,” it is undoubtedly fun and light, but it doesn’t take away from his endearing qualities that shine through more often than not.” – Sarah Scott, Alberta Buzz (2013-02-06)

“Making a piece of art that is equally entertaining and emotionally compelling isn’t an easy thing to achieve. Luckily, for the most part Matt Blais has done just that with his recent release The Heartbeat. The album is a hearty helping of serious rock with just enough of a swaggered twist to keep it fresh and relevant.” – Tyler Quiring, Blues Rock Review (2013-03-07)

“I sat with what might be described as a “perma-grin” as he effortlessly played to every person in the room that night. A natural born entertainer, Matt is the real deal, and if it’s an entertainer you’re looking for all you have to do is follow The Heartbeat.” – Shannon Ambrose, The Portal Magazine (March 11, 2013)

“The show was a nice change from the shows I’m used to seeing in Kelowna, not a lot of classic/modern rock artists come through here. It was the first time in a while I left a venue with my ears ringing. I’m excited for them to return in the summer.” – Dylan Mazur, Awesome Okanagan (2013-03-01)

“Matt’s sultry cry on, “So Far Away,” wins top prize in the category of, “most likely to set on repeat,” for how he draws hearts towards his passion for song’s subject...” – Carrie Jo Ashmore, The Portal Magazine (March 11, 2013)

"Matt’s voice is entirely unique, and really fits into his old-style rock and roll music edge. If you are into classic rock, or just like a unique voice and refreshing style, his music is for you!"
- Calgary Music Blog, CMB: The Calgary Music Scene (Oct 16, 2009)

“A great album that listens well.” – Quebec Daily Rock (2013-01-09)

"Matt Blais…great voice and the band is very tight. What’s not to love?”
- The Big Rock Blog, Tapped In (Aug 17, 2009)

"It's a shame Matt Blais doesn't listen to the music he creates. He would be a fan." - Kristi Patton, Penticton Western News (2013-02-20)