T'was the Day Before Tour

T'was the day before tour, with so much to do

Packing and planning and making tour food
Guitar amps were packed in the trailer with care
In hopes that the gig would have some fans there
The merchandise counted, awaiting a sale
The singer’s voice rested, ready to wail
Manager anxious with contracts all stacked
They all settled in with the drums in the back
Pray to the gods that the tour van won’t clatter
No flat tires, blown gaskets or windshields get shattered
Away to new places we’ll drive like a flash
Glued to our phones to make the time pass.
10 hour drives through rain and through snow
O’er mountains, round lakes, through strong winds that blow
Full of bad coffee and gas station food
We’ll struggle to not let it affect our mood
With someone the driver, the rest fast asleep,
Across this great country we slowly will creep
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
In the distance, the venue, we’re finally here!
Now Bassists! now, Drummers! Frontmen and Axe-men!
On stage! On time! On key and on rhythm!
From the front of the stage to the back of the hall
Now dance the night away! Dance away all!
If you’re touring by bus, a van or a plane
No matter the music, it’s always same
Know that the miles aren’t travelled in vain
You’ll make some new friends that you might see again.
We sure will miss home and everyone there
But music is life and we are it’s players
So start up the engine, the road we endure
Merry music to all and to all a good tour!