I'm Proud!

It is not too often one can say they are proud of a politician! So, I'm taking this opportunity.

My city, (Calgary) is often a very divided one on the issue of arts and culture. Whether it has to do with building a bridge, public statues, interpretive dance or indie-rock, there always seems to be a struggle. "Who should support what" and "where should the money come from"? Some people feel that money should only be spent on something they can tangibly measure the effects of. Ie: How much thicker will this make my wallet? However, happiness cannot be measured this way. This is why I am proud to hear Calgary's Mayor Naheed Nenshi is not only supporting, but promoting the arts scene in Calgary as he travels across Canada on a speaking tour. He says that Calgary is becoming a city where artists want to move to (and not away from).

I'd like to thank Nenshi and all those in my hometown who have taken a stand on the value of art and I can't wait to see how our beautiful city will flourish in the coming years.

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